S - Kullen
Föddes 2010-05-28
Wides Sally, tik Blenheim
Wides Sean, hane Blenheim
Wides Sia, tik Tricolor
Wides Sigge, hane Blenheim
Wides Sophia, tik Blenheim
Wides Suzy, tik Tricolor
Duvhults Relaxation in the Sunrise
Grantilley Sunset Harbour
Keyingham Christian
Grantilley Emerald Charm
Duvhults Knights Dame of the Heart Duvhults Follow the Dream
Rodero's Cherry Brandy
Gentleline's Miss Moneypenny Miletree Perion Miletree Nijinsky
Bumblecorn Campion of Miletree
Mystic Dawn Bumble Bee Cavaliertorpets Elton
Hackensack Dazzling Jazz